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Society of Thoracic Radiology
2012 Award Winners
Chair of Awards Committee: Terrance Healey, MD

3T Myocardial Perfusion Imaging with Multitransmit Technology Compared to Coronary Angiography and FFR

Ullrich Ebersberger, MD, Makowski M, Platz U, Antoni D, Schoepf UJ, Hoffmann E, Leber A

Best Oral Presentation by a Resident
Prospective Diagnosis of Tracheobronchomalacia in the ED Setting of a Clinically Suspected Pulmonary Embolism
Nicholas G. Kujala, MD, Ratanaprasatporn L, Ratanaprasatporn L, Healey T

Best Oral Presentation by a Student
CTA Screening for Pulmonary AVMs: Mimics and Alternative Diagnoses
Mark Mangano, BS
MANGANO M, Bhalla S, Slat D, Cummings K, Javidan C, Raptis C, Chakinala M, Picus D

Magna Cum Laude

Multi Detector CT Evaluation of Airway Stents: What the Radiologist Should Know
Saldana David, MD, Ost D, Benveniste MK, Rao PP, Vlahos I, Marom EM, Erasmus JJ, Godoy MCB

Cum Laude

Disease Progression Through Imaging: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Lung Cancer - A Piloted Teaching Module
Hur Jane L., BA, Shingala P, Hanna J, Johnson O, Vasani D, Awad S, Amorosa JK.

Errors as Opportunities: Spectrum of Cognitive Errors in Cardiothoracic Radiology
Agarwal Prachi, MD, Quint LE

Common Surgical Procedures for Congenital Heart Disease
Whetstone Joseph, MD, Bardo DME

Cardiac Calcifications: Beyond the Coronaries
Sethi Vineeta, MBBS, MD, Dennie C, Penna E, Peterson R

Percutaneous CT-guided Sampling of Thoracic Lesions: A Comprehensive Review
Schmidlin Eric, MD, Vummidi DR, Kazerooni EA, Sundaram B, Arenberg D, Reddy R

Certificates of Merit

CT Features of Esophageal Malignancies - Pre and Post Treatment
Sonavane Sushilkumar, MBBS, DMRD, Denham LW, Dartez D, Watts JR Jr, Terry N, Singh S

Quantitative Diagnostic Imaging of Lungs and Airways in Patient with Asthma: Modern Imaging Techniques and Their Clinical Implications
Lee Changhyun, MD

Not Just Blowing Hot Air: Primer on Pulmonary Function Testing in Lung Diseases for the Radiologist
Chung Jonathan H., MD, Al Qaisi M, Saettele M, Lynch DA, Kanne JP

The Pulmonary Lymphoid System: A Review of Anatomy, Benign and Malignant Diseases
Lewis VA, MD, Dhand S, Sirajuddin A, Galvin JR, Franks TJ, White CS

Coronary Artery Luminal Area and Plaque Burden in South Asians and Non South Asians: A Coronary CT Angiographic Assessment
O'Brien Julie, MB BCh BAO, FFR(RCSI), Alhassan D, Wijesinghe N, Taylor C, Heilbron B, Ramanathan K, Grunau G, Ahmadi A, Hague C, Ellis J, Ajlan A, Leipsic J

Overall Winner – Jeffrey Kanne

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