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Thoracic Imaging 2003
March 2-6, 2003
Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

Course Description
The course is designed for radiologists and other physicians with an interest in cardiopulmonary imaging.Thoracic Imaging 2003 is the Twenty-First Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course of the Society of Thoracic Radiology. This five day course features internationally recognized experts in thoracic imaging, including the lungs, airway, heart and thoracic vasculature.

Dedicated Symposia on:
Lung Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Staging
Cardiac Imaging (CXR, CT and MR) of Atherosclerotic Disease, Valvular
Disease, Cardiomyopathy and Cardiac Tumors
New Imaging Technologies
Infiltrative Lung Disease
Small Airway Disease
The Central Airway
The Pleura, including Intervention
Clinical Workflow, including PACS and Voice Recognition
Thoracic Infection
Electronic Presentation and Web-Based Education Resources

Course Objectives:

At the completion of the course, the attendee will be able to:
Describe the current state of imaging technology, including digital radiography, PACS, voice recognition, and advances in multidetector CT and MR
Summarize the current status and role of cardiovascular imaging using
multidetector CT and MRI, particularly with respect to atherosclerotic
coronary artery disease
Summarize the current controversies related to the screening and diagnosis of lung cancer
Describe the appearance and role of radiology in the evaluation of infiltrative and obstructive lung diseases, thoracic neoplasms and abnormalities of the central airway

Award Winners

Oral Presentations
Wednesday: Susan Copley, M. D. Best Junior Faculty
Thursday: Rolf Grage, M.D. Best Trainee

Poster Presentations
Cum Laude: Santiago Rossi, M.D.
Phuong-Anh T. Duong, M.D.
Daniel Schiffner, M.D.
Robert Alvarez, M.D.
Santiago Restrepo, M.D. (2 abstracts)

Case of Day
Member: Marc Gosselin, M.D.
Honorable Mention: Joan Lacomis, M.D.
Michael Meyers, M.D.
Resident: Margo Flores, M.D.
Fellow: Anuradhu Rao., M.D.
Course Participant: David Lee, M.D.

Thoracic Imaging 2003 Course Syllabus
Thoracic Imaging 2003 Online Presentations
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