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Research and Education Foundation Seed Grant Guidelines
and Submission Procedures

The Society of Thoracic Radiology offers seed grant support to allow young investigators to pursue novel research in thoracic imaging and related fields. The objective is to support the acquisition of preliminary data that may lead to future funding opportunities.

The principal investigator, or faculty mentor, should be a member of the STR. Preference will be given to Residents, Fellows, and Junior Faculty (within 5 years of completion of fellowship.)

Conditions of the STR Research Seed Grant
The investigator is required to present the results of the funded research project at the annual STR meeting. The meeting registration fee will be waived for the funded investigator. All posters, publications, and oral presentations of STR seed grant funded investigations must acknowledge the STR Seed Grant Funding support. Unexpended funds will be returned to the society at the end of the funding period.

Funding is $8,000 - $20,000 for a duration of one (1) year. Funds for computers and development of teaching models will not be provided. The grant will not pay for travel, overhead or indirect costs. Funds cannot be used for salary support for principal and/or co-investigators at the faculty level. Up to 50% of the seed grant amount could be used for salary support of the principal investigator if he or she is a fellow. Grant funding support of the salaries of personnel such as a research coordinator, fellow, nurse, statistician, technologist, and/or data manager is not limited.

Application Deadline
September 15

Evaluation Criteria
In order to assist the applicant through the application process, the Society recommends that applicants submit a one-page letter of intent to the chair of the Research Committee prior to the submission of the grant. The letter should summarize the hypothesis, proposed methods, and anticipated budgetary needs.

The proposal can then be reviewed by the committee to determine the likelihood of funding, before the applicant creates a formal application. This optional letter of intent should be submitted at least six weeks before the proposed grant application deadline. Letters can be emailed to

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:
Originality: Are the scientific objectives and imaging proposals innovative/creative?
Scientific merit: Is the project plan logical and does it have a reasonable probability of success?
Significance: Will the project address an important problem; is it likely to generate ongoing support from other sources?

Each proposal will be evaluated by peer reviewers having expertise in thoracic imaging. The panel will assess the relative merits of all proposals, including the potential for significant contributions to thoracic imaging.

All applications must include the following information submitted in PDF format to The Society of Thoracic Radiology at
Research Grant Application Form
Cover letter
Research plan: background, specific aims, research design, references
Budget, including other sources of funding
Letter of support from STR senior member
Letter of support from Department Chair
Biographical sketch for all investigators and CV of primary investigator

Please send any questions to:


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