2016 ePoster Presentation Winners

2016 ePoster Presentation Winners - Cum Laude

Peripheral Lung Lesion: Potential Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma?

Arya M. Iranmanesh, MD
Iranmanesh M, McDonald R, Absher KJ and Zagurovskaya M.

Multimodality Imaging Approach, Staging and Therapy Assessment of Esophageal Cancer

Erika L. Odisio, MD
ODISIO EL, Erasmus JJ, Carter BW, Wu CC, Betancourt Cuellar SL and Godoy MC

2016 ePoster Presentation Winners - Certificate of Merit

The Heart of the Matter: Cardiac Imaging of Sarcoidois

Lea Azour, MD
Azour L, Jacobi AHH and Cham MD

Value Added? Cardiothoracic MRI in the ICU Patient

Narmadan A. Kumarasamy, MD, MPH
KUMARASAMY A, Tishbi N, Mukundan S, Levsky JM and Haramati LB

Pulmonary Hypertension: Review of the New WHO Classification

Jay S. Leb, MD
LEB S, Chung MS, Kligerman SJ, Jeudy J, Frazier AA and White C

Primary Cardiac Tumors Associated with Genetic Syndromes: A Comprehensive Review

Elizabeth Lee, MD
LEE E, Ghadimi Mahani M, Lu J, Dorfman A and Agarwal P