Fellowship Application

Universal Fellowship Application for Radiology

Prepared by Ella A. Kazerooni, M.D.

I have served on an Inter-Society Fellowship Application Task Force that was formed in the spring of 1998. At the annual meeting of AUR/APDR/SCARD/A3CR2 the issue of making the radiology subspecialty fellowship application process more uniform, with respect to both timing and the actual application was raised. Each year residents appear to be applying for and accepting fellowships earlier and earlier, with some accepting fellowships early in their third year of residency, just over half way through the diagnostic radiology residency training program. With residents being forced to commit to fellowships earlier and earlier, it is not surprising that together with a good job market, it appears that more residents that ever are reneging on fellowships they accepted almost 2 years ago, leaving many programs unfilled with short notice to find replacements. Charles S. Resnik M.D., was chair when membership included representatives of the American Association of Academic Chief Residents in Radiology (A3CR2), the APDR (Association of Program Directors in Radiology (APDR), the Society of Chairmen of Academic Radiology Departments (SCARD), and each major subspecialty societies in radiology.

The taskforce addressed the issue of implementing a match for all radiology fellowships, including those with certificates of added qualification (CAQs) and those without. In order for a match to be successful, the issue was addressed among the taskforce members and with SCARD for the last two years. Since the SCARD members themselves did not agree with sufficient uniformity to a fellowship match, it was felt that it would be unsuccessful at this time. However, Neuroradiology will begin a match. David Yousem, M.D., was the coordinator of this effort and has almost all of the Neuroradiology Fellowship Programs in agreement to a match. If successful, this may reinvigorate efforts for a match that would include all radiology fellowships. A universal start date to begin fellowship interviews or to offer positions was discussed, but without a match is not enforceable.

The taskforce developed a Universal Fellowship Application for Radiology Fellowships, to streamline the application process for both the applicants and the fellowship programs. All fellowship directors are encouraged to use this application form.