STR Visiting Professors

The STR visiting professor program provides an opportunity for STR educators to share their knowledge and build relationships with colleagues at the host sites. Visiting professors may be asked to present lectures, teach, and interact with colleagues during their visits.

Interested hosts should indicate their need for the speaker in terms of lectures and travel. At this point, speaking engagements would likely be virtual. When travel resumes for any in person visits, hosts should provide details pertaining to support of travel, accommodations, and meals. Any additional expenses would be the responsibility of the visiting professor. Where travel is involved, hosts are asked to begin planning at least six months in advance of a visit.

STR will seek expressions of interest from our visiting professor candidates and help match professors to hosts based on availability and expertise to best meet both professor and host expectations.

If selected as a visiting professor, you will be responsible for:

  • Working directly with host contact to confirm educational expectations and topics
  • Presenting a brief overview of the STR and its key opportunities to colleagues at the host site during your visit (e.g. information on STR Membership, STR Annual Scientific Meeting etc.).  An “About STR” slide deck can be provided to you by STR.
  • If an in-person visit is possible, working directly with host contact to confirm details of itinerary, and details of arrangements for any travel, housing, meals and ground transportation.

STR will:

  • Provide host sites that have demonstrated an educational need and have committed to meeting the expectations of a host with names of potential visiting professors.
  • Provide the visiting professor an “About STR” slide deck that reviews key STR activities and membership and collaboration opportunities that may be customized by the visiting professor.
  • Publish dates and information about where visiting professors will speak on the STR website.
  • Acknowledge and thank hosts and visiting professors in STR newsletters distributed to all STR members.