Let’s Grow STRonger Together!

Why Join STR?

Our members are a proud group, many of whom have recorded messages in support of this campaign and the advantages of STR membership. Here are a few examples…

Membership Benefits

  • Discounted Registration for STR Annual Meetings and Educational Events
  • Complimentary Access to the Journal of Thoracic Imaging
  • Access to the STR Inspiration Newsletter
  • Ability to participate on STR committees
  • Access to the STR Mentorship Program as a mentor or mentee
  • Access to Online Educational Materials
  • Coming Soon! Access to the STR Learning Management System (STR Academy) containing hundreds of lecture videos and resources
Membership Categories Available to New Members
  • Radiologists certified by the American Board of Radiology, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the United Kingdom or other Board or Tribunal which, in the judgement of STR, is of equivalent rank;
  • Must devote a major portion of his/her time to the professional practice of Thoracic Radiology and/or have a substantial interest in thoracic radiology
  • Physicians, scientists, or allied health professionals other than Thoracic Radiologists, with a strong and continuing interest in an area of Thoracic Radiology.
    *Associate members will not vote or hold office.
  • Radiologists living and working in countries that are within the three lowest World-Bank economic tiers (low, lower-middle and upper-middle).
  • Radiologists who are presently engaged in any stage or type of supervised training such as residency or fellowship.
    *Members In Training will not vote or hold office.
Multi-Year Membership Renewal Available!
Tiered pricing is provided to Members when paying more than one year. Outlined below is the tiered pricing:

  • 1-year membership: $440
  • 2-year membership: $840 (savings of $40)
  • 3-year membership: $1,200 (savings of $120)

*Please include the person who referred you on the application form.*

Here's what our members have to say...

En-Haw Wu, MD
There are three things I enjoy joining the STR. 1) Learning updated knowledge in thoracic radiology from experts in online lectures and in-person conferences. 2) Building connections with peers; it is so great to see friends at conferences. 3) Extension from the 2nd benefit – having an excellent mentorship outside my institute. I was not able to join the STR conference in February because of coverage constraints. I look forward to joining it in the coming years.


Charlie Perme
The STR has been pivotal in maintaining a state-of-the-art knowledge base that allows me to interact effectively with my peers in pulmonology, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery.


Alex Sassani
STR is the one membership I intend to keep well into the future. STR has made me a better radiologist. It has allowed me to gain the trust of the referring physicians, both cardiologists and pulmonologists. My reports are more accurate and more confident because of what I’ve learned at STR. Thank you STR leadership, staff, and contributing members for all you do.


Noah Seymore
I joined STR to keep up with old friends and build my thoracic radiology skills in a safe environment. Since joining, I’ve made many new friends, and make more every year, leading to collaborations that have built up my life personally and professionally. As a pediatric radiologist (as we say, kids have chests too!) with private practice and academic experience, I can say with certainty that there is something for everyone in the society, and many opportunities for those who want them. I look forward to the annual conference every year!


Jae Ho Sohn
Being a member of STR has been incredibly beneficial for my career, especially as a junior faculty member. STR has provided me with the opportunity to connect with other thoracic radiologists, which has been invaluable. The society’s size is perfect—it’s the most active thoracic radiologist society in North America, yet small enough to foster close-knit relationships. Through STR, I’ve found career mentorship, research collaboration, and new friends that have been instrumental in advancing my career and enriching my professional life.


Frederick A Birnberg MD
It is my great pleasure to recommend STR to all of you. I have worn two hats, a large private practice in Newport Beach, California and after retiring, teaching chest radiology to residents at my former medical school in Northern California, reading close to 39,000 studies a year. STR and its excellent course have helped me stay current and teach my residents. The course can be done remotely, and the lectures and credit are available for many months afterwards. To my great joy, STR honors my two fellowship mentors Rick Webb and Gordon Gamsu with dedicated lectures. I cannot recommend STR too highly!

Thank you to the following STR Members who have recruited new members:
Sanjeev Bhalla, MD
Yoshiharu Ohno, MD, PhD