STR Membership Classifications & Dues

Founding Members – $440.00 per year
Founding Members shall be those thoracic radiologists who participated in the organization and founding of the STR, and shall be recognized as such. Their function in the STR shall be that of Members

Members – $440.00 per year
A Member shall at the time of his/her application to join the STR and at all times thereafter, fulfill all the following requirements.

  • A member shall be a radiologist certified by the American Board of Radiology, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the United Kingdom or other Board or Tribunal which, in the judgment of the STR, is of equivalent rank.
  • A member must devote a major portion of his/her time to the professional practice of Thoracic Radiology and/or have a substantial interest in thoracic radiology.

Members In Training – Complimentary Membership
Radiologists who are presently engaged in fellowship or equivalent Thoracic Radiology training. Members In Training will not vote or hold office.

Cardiothoracic Members In Training – Complimentary Membership
This complimentary membership is for In-Training Cardiothoracic members. Membership runs concurrently for the term of Training (Residency + Fellowship). Once training has been completed, the individual will then have member status.

Emeritus Members – Complimentary Membership
Emeritus Members shall be designated from among the Senior Membership and shall be those individuals who have permanently retired clinical practice. Emeritus members may continue academic activities and participate in occasional clinical service. They are exempt from all dues and assessments and have all the rights of Senior Members, except the right to vote and hold office. Designation of Emeritus Members shall be by the Membership Committee. Emeritus Members shall be selected from Senior Members who request such status. To be considered for selection to the Emeritus Members status, a member should have been an active Senior Member for at least 7 years.

Honorary Members – Complimentary Membership
Honorary Members shall be persons who have made extremely valuable contributions to Thoracic Radiology. Any Senior Member may nominate such a person to honorary membership, the procedure being outlined in Article XV, Section 15.4. Honorary Members shall receive a Certificate of Honorary Membership and shall have all the rights of Senior Members, except the right to vote and to hold office, and they shall be exempt from all dues and assessments.

Associate Members – $440.00 per year
Associate Members are physicians, scientists, or allied health professionals other than Thoracic Radiologists, with a strong and continuing interest in an area of Thoracic Radiology. Associate members will not vote or hold office.

Members from Developing Country – 50% Discount of Membership Dues
Members who apply to STR and reside in Developing Countries (According to World Bank status) receive a 50% reduced rate of $220.00.